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Instagram has long been a favorite platform for social media marketing. As a visual platform, it provides an opportunity to use visuals to speak for your business, helping others to discover you while highlighting your brand. Instagram recently launched a new app, Instagram Threads, which provides the ability to engage in public conversations. Instagram recently launched a new app, Instagram Threads, which provides the ability to engage in public conversations. The launch garnered over 100 million users within only a few days, illustrating its power as a marketing tool. With this new app comes an opportunity to strengthen your marketing efforts and better engage customers.

Understanding Instagram Threads

What is Instagram Threads? While traditional Instagram is a visual-based app, Instagram Threads is an app aimed at providing text updates and joining conversations. Posts can be up to 500 characters and include links, photos, and videos up to five minutes. When you share a new Thread, people can reply and engage in conversations!

This means that there is a strong opportunity for engaging with customers. Customers who view your Threads can comment, ask questions, tag others, and do many of the things typical for social media networks. Engaging in Threads requires a focus on your branding and on storytelling to be most successful.

Leveraging Instagram Threads for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Instagram Threads, there are three major ways that it seems to be used to best benefit small businesses.

Enhanced Storytelling

Threads is a great place to display your storytelling skills. Since it blends text, images, and video, you can help the viewer become immersed in the work your business does. Whether showcasing a delicious new restaurant dish, beautifully manicured landscaping, or fitness transformation, Threads provides the tools you need.

A key strategy when taking this approach is understanding your target audience and their needs. This can help you to craft a story that will fit with them and engage them. When done effectively, this can strengthen your brand and customer relationships.

Deepening Brand Engagement

Speaking of strengthening branding, Threads is a great medium for promoting brand engagement. It provides an ability to highlight in-depth content into the work you do. Think of it as a way to leverage multimedia to truly highlight your brand’s strengths.

However, Threads goes a step further than traditional sites like regular Instagram by providing more opportunity for interaction. The goal is to have a conversation. Thus, customers are encouraged to engage with your Threads, helping create a sense of community.

Showcasing Product Features

Another great use for Threads is to promote new products or services. If you have an innovative product, this medium is a great way to highlight the benefits. You can even post a short explainer video that serves as an introduction to the top features. (Remember, no more than five minutes.)

You can also use Threads to provide a more detailed guide towards navigating the products or services you offer. Consider somewhat of a visual road map that guides customers to the products or services that best fit their needs.

Crafting Engaging Instagram Threads

Using Threads allows you to fully engage with your social media marketing skills. Here are four important strategies for creating engaging content your viewers will love.

Identify Relevant Topics

Perhaps the most important aspect of creating engaging threads is to understand your audience. What are they interested in? What are their needs? How can you fulfill these? This will help you identify effective topics that are well aligned with your viewers.

When you have the general topics sorted out, you can identify more specific angles to take. Discussing trends, addressing pain points, and creating educational content are all great options. Over time, you can get a sense of what topics promote the most engagement.

Leverage Structure for Impact

Many people may be excited to go out and post on Threads. However, the most successful social media marketing campaigns have structure and planning at their foundation. At the minimum, you should plan the sequence of your Threads posts to promote engagement and understanding.

Use the first few posts to grab the audience’s attention. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, it is time to move on to the more informative part of the processes. This technique encourages them to scroll. End with a strong call to action to convert viewership into results.

Utilize Visual Storytelling

Threads is focused on text. That doesn’t mean you need to be solely text based with your threads. In fact, standing out from competitors involves weaving visually appealing elements into your storytelling.

Carefully select images and videos that are visually appealing while telling the story you want to share. Organize them in a coherent manner to create a narrative that flows, leading the audience along a natural progression.

Make Elements Interactive

One thing that is a surefire hit for engagement is finding ways to interact with your followers. Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can create interactive content on Instagram Threads including polls, questions, and challenges.

Another effective method is to turn your Threads into two-way conversation. Respond to people’s comments, ask them questions, and help facilitate conversation. This can promote engagement and strengthen relationships with your audience.

Promoting & Amplifying Your Instagram Threads

While engaging content will help promote your impact, there are some other strategies you can incorporate in order to amplify your success on this medium.

Use Attention Grabbing Captions

Enhancing viewership all begins with writing captivating captions. This is what can encourage viewers to decide to explore your thread. Once again, storytelling techniques can come into play with this. Consider seeking to evoke emotions such as curiosity and excitement in your captions.

Utilize Hashtags & Geotags

Hashtags and geotags are important organizational methods that can help the right people find your content. Hashtags can help people interested in your topic find your Thread. Meanwhile, geotags can enhance your connections with a local audience, something integral for small businesses.

Leverage Collaboration & Co-Creation

For some people, collaboration and co-creation can prove to be excellent social media marketing strategies for using Threads. Consider partnering with influencers, industry partners, or even customers to create content. These strategies can help expose you to a new and larger audience and can be huge when successfully implemented.

Signing Up & How to Create Instagram Threads

Getting started on this new social media application is fairly easy. Here is how you can establish your business presence on Threads.

Account Setup

  1. Download the Threads app on your mobile phone.
  2. Ensure that you are logged into your business’ Instagram account on that device.
  3. Open Threads and click “Log in with Instagram.”
  4. From the Profile screen, click “Import from Instagram.”
  5. Select “Public Profile” so that others can see your business.
  6. Click “Join Threads”

Creating a Thread

  1. From your business’ Threads account, click the compose icon at the top of the app.
  2. Enter the text you want to include in your thread.
  3. Click the paperclip icon to add a photo or video.
  4. Click “Post” in the bottom right.

Measuring Success & Refining Strategies

When it comes to social media marketing, assessing your efforts is critical. After all, you need to know what you are doing well and what you should work on.

Tracking Engagement Metrics

There are some very easy ways to identify what appeals to your audience on Instagram Threads. Like many other social networks, tracking your likes, comments, shares, and profile visits will provide concrete information to help you identify what posts most resonate with viewers. Gauging the level of audience interaction can help you better identify what topics to promote most frequently.

Analyzing Audience Insights

You can also use Threads to understand more information about your audience. Explore demographic information related to those who engage with your business account. This can help you further understand what can keep viewers engaged, allowing you to alter your future Threads to better speak towards the needs of these groups.

Real Life Examples of How to Use Instagram Threads Effectively

One of the best tools for approaching social media marketing is to see what works well for others. Fortunately, there are many great Instagram Threads accounts that can show you what to do. You’ll find that social media stalwarts Nike and Wendy’s are excelling on the platform. From Marvel’s personalized posts to CNN’s multimedia success, these companies are also excelling. These lists comprise a great start for those wanting to see how the experts engage on Threads.


There are many advantages to integrating Instagram Threads into your social media marketing strategy. Engage more fully with followers while leveraging powerful storytelling techniques. While not every strategy will work perfectly for every business, you will undoubtedly find things in this article that work great for your needs!

Just remember that modern marketing thrives on storytelling and interaction. Don’t neglect these components when designing your Threads experience. Connect your Instagram business account with Threads to begin leveraging the power of this new social media network!