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Case Study:

Clutter Corrections

Client Background:

Clutter Corrections is a professional organizing company founded by Corliss Wood in April 2019 (originally established in 2008). With a focus on concierge-style services for next-life transitions, empty nesters, busy professionals, and estate cleanouts. Their commitment to client satisfaction and transformative experiences drives them to provide personalized, boutique-style organizing services.

Project Objectives:

Our collaboration with Clutter Corrections encompassed two main objectives. Firstly, we aimed to rebrand the company from "Clutter Corrections by Corliss" to the concise and impactful name "Clutter Corrections." This involved creating a new logo that effectively communicates their organizing services, resonates with their target audience, and differentiates them from the competition. Secondly, we sought to redesign and develop their website to align with their vision, enhance their online presence, generate more leads and clients, and improve search engine visibility through strategic SEO implementation.

Strategy and Approach:

Working closely with Clutter Corrections, we gained an understanding of their values, mission, and desired brand image. Thorough research into the professional organizing industry and competitor analysis helped us identify unique selling points. Our strategy focused on rebranding the company as "Clutter Corrections" to create a more memorable and impactful brand identity. Simultaneously, we redesigned and developed their website with a visually appealing and user-friendly design that reflected their brand values and showcased their expertise. An SEO strategy was implemented throughout the website to optimize content, meta tags, and structure for improved search engine visibility.


We created a new logo for Clutter Corrections that resonated with their target audience and reflected the essence of their business. The logo design emphasized the rearranging and renewal aspects of their services, maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic. Additionally, we designed and developed a new website for Clutter Corrections with a sleek and intuitive interface, clear navigation, and engaging content. The homepage effectively communicated their commitment to transforming spaces, while the services page provided comprehensive information about their offerings. Contact forms and appointment scheduling functionalities were implemented to streamline communication and lead capture. Our SEO strategy optimized page titles, headings, and content to enhance search engine visibility.

Results and Metrics:

The rebranding efforts successfully transitioned the company to "Clutter Corrections," establishing a concise and impactful brand identity. The new logo effectively captured the essence of their services and resonated with their target audience, portraying professionalism and commitment. The redesigned website effectively communicated their values, showcased their services, and engaged visitors. Implementing the SEO strategy resulted in a significant improvement in search engine visibility, with website traffic and organic leads increasing as a result.

Challenges and Solutions:

The primary challenge was to rebrand the company as "Clutter Corrections" and create a logo that effectively communicated the new brand identity. We overcame this challenge through thorough research and leveraging design expertise to develop a unique and memorable logo. The website redesign required effective communication and flexibility to align with their vision and goals, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. Implementing the SEO strategy required meticulous keyword research, content optimization, and technical adjustments to enhance search engine visibility.

Key Learnings:

Through this project, they gained insights into the importance of rebranding, the impact of a well-designed logo, and the significance of an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website in enhancing online presence and generating leads and clients. They also recognized the power of strategic SEO implementation in increasing search engine visibility, driving website traffic, and generating organic leads.

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Moin Agency and Clutter Corrections, resulting in a compelling rebranding effort, logo design, engaging website redesign, and effective SEO strategy implementation. The rebranding efforts effectively transitioned the company to "Clutter Corrections," establishing a concise and impactful brand identity. The new logo effectively communicates our values, resonates with the target audience, and sets us apart from competitors. Simultaneously, the website redesign aligns with their vision, enhances their online presence, generates more leads and clients, and significantly improves search engine visibility. Clutter Corrections is now well-positioned for business growth and establishing themselves as a trusted professional organizing company in the industry.

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