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Defining a strong brand and establishing immediate brand recognition

Defining a strong brand and establishing immediate brand recognition

All Points North Lodge

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Project Brief

All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge) was in need of all things brand-related: logo design, website, color palette, digital and print deliverables. (It even needed a name, which we also helped develop.) The branding strategy had to give them a foothold in the market and be flexible enough to adjust with the company’s growth over time.

Running with the image of a lodge nestled into the Rockies in the middle of winter, the APN icon was developed to play off of the image of the wooden roof of a lodge, and an orange palette was chosen to invoke a rustic feeling that had more brightness to it than a duller, darker shade of brown.

APN Lodge Booth

Branded Design Samples

APN Lodge Website on Different Devices
APN Lodge Brand
APN Lodge Connection App

Upon hearing APN’s story, it became clear that the purpose of this branding strategy was to make them stand out in a field of many facilities. Because of their client pool, we chose visual images that evoke the feeling of being tucked away in an exquisitely private and quiet location designed to encourage a person to slow down and get centered on his/her own healing journey. The color palette we chose supported those images and certainly made APN Lodge immediately recognizable by potential clients.

APN Lodge Logo
APN Lodge Brand Style Guide
APN Lodge Brochures

Establish Brand Attributes

APN stands for “All Points North,” the story brings in the notion of finding one’s “true north star” and using that to guide them in a healthy, positive life direction. Given that the word “Lodge” plays such a key role in the name of the facility, it seemed a natural center point of the branding story. “APN Lodge” became the preferred shorthand for the facility and was incorporated into all of the marketing materials, website content, and social media accounts, making it easily recognizable to the public. Guidelines for sub-brands were created in order to maintain continuity of design and consistency of messaging across platforms.


Because APN Lodge was launching a broad marketing plan, the company needed style guidelines to be developed and implemented in order to ensure continuity across all marketing platforms. The print brochures and tri-folds that were created to support in-person marketing at conferences and public expos were visually enticing and informative, clearly laying out APN’s approach while giving people a sensory idea of what their APN Lodge experience would be.

Showcase Diverse & Inclusive Perspectives

In the end, there was more than just the APN Lodge to design; the project became an effort to blend the various sub-brands and create continuity where there were different icons, palettes, and patterns. Fortunately, the APN Lodge icon and colors were flexible enough to complement several similar styles so that while each section of the website may have a different look, the feel of each page flowed into the other so that a common thread between them all could be easily seen. In addition to the website and other branding materials, we also helped create a telehealth app that had the look and feel of the APN Lodge brand. It was a comprehensive strategy that produced the digital and print collateral, which allowed them to spread the word, vision, and visuals of APN Lodge across the country. And where the brand story ended, the success story began.

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