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How we took the client to the next level.

How we took the client to the next level.

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Project Brief

Salient Content delivers full-cycle peer reviews and editorial management services to editors, worldwide. Salient came to Moin Agency seeking a brand refresh – a new design, a new way of telling their story through the content on their website, and a new marketing strategy that plays off of the company’s fresh look. In short, Salient needed an overhaul.

The ask was fairly straightforward: Bring us into 2020. Things evolve quickly online, and it can be hard to keep up with current trends, but Salient’s brand and marketing collateral was definitely dated. The website needed to add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the backend, and their website copy was long and winding, rather than concise and to the point. This meant that we needed to learn more from them about what their goals are and what they want their brand to accomplish.

Salient Content Website on Different Devices

Conceptual Design Samples

Salient Content Website on Mobile Device
Salient Content Website
Salient Content Website Design

So, what’s the first thing we did? We said “Moin!” Meeting the client was priority number one in order to hear their brand story and how they wanted their brand to be received. That meeting helped their brand’s message take shape, which informed the art directions we could go in for both the digital and print collateral. We used visuals to narrate their story on the website’s homepage and treated each page as another chapter that gives the audience a fuller picture of what Salient can do for them.

Salient Content Brand
Salient Content Business Cards
Salient Content Flyer

Establish Brand Attributes

The most important element of a brand refresh is to create a lasting image that makes your business stand out. There must be consistency across the mediums – print, digital, etc. – and fonts and images must complement each other. You want a logo that reflects your business’s personality. You want tag lines and calls to action that welcome clients in and give them confidence that you can deliver upon what they need. You want the visual to say it all without you having to say a word. So, we updated their color palette, which didn’t change the icon itself, and exchanged the previous copy design for fonts that complimented each other.


We overhauled the company’s stationary package to include a flyer template that can be converted into different languages, in order to market to its international clientele.

Showcase Diverse & Inclusive Perspectives

The result is a website that’s crisp, clean, concise, and current. And, most importantly, Salient Content’s personality is woven into every aspect of their branding materials. It truly is their story, modernized.

What’s your brand story?

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