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Strong stories about strong women needs an empowering brand.

Strong stories about strong women needs an empowering brand.

Riveting Women

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Project Brief

Riveting Women is a woman-owned business with the goal of promoting local women making a difference in their communities. Whether they’re running for public office or fighting for better access to schools, food, or community services, Riveting Women was created to amplify their stories and their voices. And, as part of this quest to draw more attention to these extraordinary women, there needed to be a strong visual icon to go along with it. The question that had to be answered first, though, was this: What is Riveting Women’s story?

Riveting Women Website Design


Riveting Women T-shirt
Riveting Women hat
Riveting Women t-shirt

This start-up was inspired by the image of Rosie the Riveter and the spirit of women who fight to make their mark on the world. It was designed to be a platform that makes noise and calls attention to the unknown people who deserve to be in the spotlight. Therefore, everything had to be bold – the font, the colors, the logo – and the tone of the website had to step right up, get your attention, and hold it. Magenta seemed the perfect color palette that doesn’t scream at you, but that also doesn’t let you go by without first taking a look. Additionally, @rivetingwomen had to be prominently displayed in order to cultivate social media loyalty and interactions.

Riveting Women Logo
Riveting Women Brand

Establish Brand Attributes

The Riveting Women brand needed to stand independent of, and in cooperation with, its logo. One couldn’t outshine the other, but each one needed to be identifiable on its own. Therefore, the website, social media, and marketing materials shared color palettes, imagery, and messaging, but they also all had their own identities and purposes that played off of one another.


A shopping cart to purchase Riveting Women swag was created to feature items that prominently displayed the logo and colors, while the social media channels promoted the women’s stories and engaged with the audience on a regular basis. Weekly emails were also sent to those who filled out the contact form, sharing newly released stories of the next riveting woman to be featured on the site.

Showcase Diverse & Inclusive Perspectives

This truly was a branding campaign designed to catch your attention with its boldness, draw you in with its stories of highly accomplished women, and bring you back for more with the promise of inspiration in each feature.

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